The New ConnectSense Outlet Connects Smart Devices Without a Hub

The New ConnectSense Outlet Connects Smart Devices Without a Hub

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ConnectSense was already popular with smart home users based on its first smart home plug, which we named one of the best Homekit-compatible devices available earlier this year. Now the company is proceeding with its natural evolution by releasing its new Smart Outlet 2 to a public eager for easier control of smart home devices.

At $60 per plug, it’s a little more expensive than its competitors but it’s one of the most versatile smart plugs on the market, with two Wi-Fi connected sockets that can be monitored and controlled individually, not to mention the fact that it works with so many platforms via both iOS and Android, including Apple’s HomeKit and Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

In fact, one of the Smart Outlet 2’s biggest advantages over other smart plugs is that this one allows smart home users who don’t want to struggle with configuring a smart home hub to go completely around that requirement. The ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 will work directly with any Wi-Fi network already open to new devices in any home. This gives smart home residents complete control over devices like lamps, heaters, fans, and more. Whether users just don’t want to come home to dark house or want to ensure that devices left at home are properly charged, the Smart Outlet 2 can do the job.

The plug is controlled through ConnectSense’s proprietary app, which is available in the iTunes app store or for Android on Google Play. According to the instructions on the ConnectSense website, connecting the Smart Outlet 2 to Google Assistant takes about seven steps, but the plug works seamlessly with Siri and Amazon Alexa. In addition to simply powering a smart home device, the plug can also direct energy use to perform tasks like automating a home, monitoring a television or projector, or dimming the lights for television or movie viewing. Naturally, users can also control items plugged into the outlet using voice commands via Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

In addition to complete control over the smart plug, the app can also provide real-time updates on the devices that are plugged in. Detailed power monitoring features in the app gives smart home owners insight into the power consumption of devices plugged into the Smart Outlet 2 as well as how long devices — like your kids’ television — have been turned on. App users can also customize the plug’s power functions based on information that it gathers, such as powering down when you’re at work.

“We are committed to evolving our product offerings to create an easy-to-use, seamless way for people to better control and monitor their homes,” said Adam Justice, Founder of ConnectSense in a release. “In our continued effort to meet our customers’ demands, we’ve added a more robust voice control offerings with the Smart Outlet 2 and are excited to expand the IoT product landscape to Android users.”

The plug also includes a 2.4 amp USB charging port for speedy charging of smartphones and tablets. It’s available for sale now on Amazon and the ConnectSense website and is shipping immediately.

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