The average of these 5 death clocks could be the day you die

The average of these 5 death clocks could be the day you die

You may think Halloween is the time for trick-or-treating, dressing up as a Fortnite character, or carving pumpkins. But you’re wrong, it’s the time to face death.

Despite fearing death, humans have always been weirdly obsessed with anticipating their final day on earth. Now in the digital age, this morbid fascination with predicting death has taken form in digital death clocks. Death countdown tools are often used as a joke but some financial institutions, health organizations, and insurers are using its data as a life expectancy calculator.

If you could, would you want to find out when you’re going to die? Here’s a list of sites that could work out when you’re doing to die, because you are going to die:

1. The Death Clock

The Death Clock is the internet’s friendly reminder that life is slipping away, second by second.

To estimate the amount of seconds you have left to live, the site uses a handful of questions: Date of birth, gender, BMI (body mass index), smoking habits, and general outlook on life — that for some reason are categorized as pessimistic, optimistic, and sadistic. The Death Clock’s calculations are based on a study that estimated the expected number of years lost due to obesity across the lifespan of an adult.

Before finding out the rough date of your funeral, the tool asks for your BMI information emphasizing the dangers of excessive weight gain  as they so eloquently put it “The Lethal Danger of Being Fat.”

Answering the questions honestly, The Death Clock announced my “Personal Day of Death” to happen on Sunday, June 24 2091  giving me 2,293,545,812 seconds of life (tick tock, tick tock.)