The AURA Band is a fitness tracker that rewards users for staying active

From big names like Fitbit, to smaller outfits like Huami’s Amazfit, there’s no shortage of companies offering wearable devices that promise to track movement and activity. One interesting take on this familiar paradigm is the AURA Band, which is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign.

The AURA Band focuses on real-time information about activity and your body’s state, allowing you to make actionable decisions about your health.

The tool combines an activity tracker and a heart-rate monitor (standard fare on any fitness band worth its salt) with something it calls “bioimpedance analysis,” which allows the user to take a closer, more granular look at their body.

To activate this bioimpedence analysis, the app asks you to create a loop with their arms. The AURA Band then passes through a low-voltage current through your body, from which it takes an “active and reactive measurement” of the resistance in your tissues.