SteelSeries’ Arctis Pro is a gaming headset made for audiophiles

SteelSeries has been making gaming headphones since before I landed my first headshot, but they’ve never been something that appealed to my hi-fi sensibilities. This wasn’t exclusive to SteelSeries; like so many other gamers with an audiophiliac bent, I almost always found headphones made by established hi-fi brands outperformed headphones specifically marketed at gamers, even if that meant sacrificing some practicality in-game.

The company is well aware of this though. Enter the Arctis Pro, SteelSeries’ attempt to build gaming headphones for people like me.

There are two variants, one wired ($249) and one wireless ($329). Both feature an attractive minimalist design in a charcoal grey – you wouldn’t be able to tell they were gaming headphones if it weren’t for the microphone, which leaves a little nub on the left earcup even when fully retracted.

Okay, that’s not totally true. The wired headset has RGB lighting. It’s still a gaming headset, so it practically has to right? It’s kept pretty tasteful though, with just a thin red oval surrounding the earcups.

I’ve worn them for hours on end and found them to be comfortable. The elastic headband maintains a secure fit on my noggin, but is also adjustable for comfort. I wish they isolated more outside sound; I’d gladly trade in the sporty earcup fabric for material with a better seal.