Space Boobs In Space is the best thing on Prime Video

Prime Video doesn’t have a show like Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Instead, it has Space Boobs In Space. Where the former’s about a fictional female crime fighter, the other is a low budget piece of body-positive feminism that deserves to be taken just as seriously. Not all heroes wear capes or leather jackets; some wear just enough to cover their nipples.

Space Boobs In Space is a film by underground studio Gonzoriffic. According to IMDB it was shot on an estimated budget of about $1,000 using smartphones, DSLR cameras, A VHS camcorder, and whatever else director Andrew Shearer and his crew could get their hands on. It’s not going to win any Oscars, and if you just looked at the artwork and read the description you’d probably get the wrong idea.

Credit: Gonzoriffic