Sorry Sony, I’m stealing those sweet noise-cancelling headphones you sent me

Dear Sony,

I’m writing to you from a beautiful bubble of silence that exists only for me.

A few weeks ago, you sent me the new WH-1000MX2 noise cancelling headphones, fully expecting me to try them out for a couple of weeks, write my review, and send them back. You thought wrong, Sony. 

Look, I wasn’t planning for this to turn out this way. When you reached out to me offering your new range of headphones, I was just curious.

Our writer Juan Buis had reviewed the previous incarnation of these noise cancelling cans, and was incredibly positive. In his words, “Sony made the best noise-cancelling headphones ever.”

These new ones are better. Sony, I’m keeping these babies. I’m not sending them back.

Let me elucidate what drove me to this highly unethical – and criminal – choice. You might understand and maybe even sympathize, one day.