It’s not too late to save your job from automation

It’s not too late to save your job from automation

Technology moves fast, and makes our life easier at work by making mundane tasks more efficient.

Well, it’s not stopping anytime soon and technological advances like the use of AI and machine learning will have an immense impact on the future of jobs and careers.

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So do we.

As many as 70 million jobs in the US could be impacted by automation by 2030, according to a report by McKinsey & Company. Not all predictions are negative; Gartner reported that artificial intelligence will more than likely create 500,000 more jobs than it eliminates by year 2020.  

Nonetheless, this automation movement also represents a radical shift, which can cause some anxiety as we ponder the future of the workplace.

The looming question seems to be: does the rise of AI and robots mean we are getting prepared for a future of mass joblessness coming?

Fear not, in this article I will show you three invaluable skills you can learn and develop to adapt and future proof your employment over the next decade of technological change.

Now, let’s start with this truth: AI will make us more efficient, but the workplace will still value the invaluable human touch. In fact, according to a recent study from Adobe, 70 percent of US office workers believe that in person or face-to-face contact is required to do their jobs well.  

Around 80 percent believe that the successful workers of the future will thrive with the collaboration between AI and an essential human touch.

We all have the opportunity to continue improving how we craft our uniquely human skill-sets that the machines will not demonstrate or replicate.