Google announces its own wireless earbud, Pixel Buds

Google announced today its competition to Apple’s AirPods: Google Pixel Buds.

The wireless headphones integrate Google Assistant without the need of taking your phone out to check notifications, or to switch songs. All of the controls are built into the right earbud: you can swipe forwards and backwards to change the volume, and tap for other uses.

The Pixel Buds will also alert you to any new notifications and read out your messages, all without you having to look at your phone.

By far, the most revolutionary feature is the real time translator, only available for Pixel users. The wireless headphones become a personal translator in your ear, allowing you to translate from and to 40 different languages, integrating its cloud based machine learning.

The headphones come with a pocket-sized charging case, with 5 hours of listening time with one charge, although the case itself gives you up to 24 hours of listening time on the go.

They’ll be available in the same colors as the Pixel 2: Clearly White, Kinda Blue and Just Black. They’ll cost $159 and pre-orders begin today.

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