Best Tiny Houses You Can Rent

Best Tiny Houses You Can Rent

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Maybe you have thought about downsizing, but aren’t sure if you could really live in a tiny home. They’re more spacious then you think, though; with elevated beds, staircase storage, and strategic floor plans, you will actually have room left over. But we get it, it’s a big step.

We’ve previously rounded up the tiny homes with the best designs, and this time we’ve put together a list of the best tiny homes you can vacation in. So instead of making a full-on commitment, you can just dip your toe in the tiny home world.

The 1,000 Word View — $186 per night
best tiny houses you can rent swisstinyhome

Nestled in the picturesque town of Valais, this Swiss cabin offers the most breathtaking views. Though it looks like a log cabin from the outside, you’ll be amazed to learn that the interior is made from concrete. First built in 1890, this cabin has kept its authenticity, even after being remodeled for modern living. The view of the Dent Blanche Mountain is reason enough to want to shack up in this place for the long haul.

The “Middle Earth” — $225 per night
best tiny houses you can rent silocottage

Straight out of Lord of the Rings, the Silo Studio Cottage in Tyringham, Massachusetts is an ultra-charming two-story cottage big enough for two. The first floor is the bathroom, living room, and kitchen all in one. Take the black spiral staircase to the bedroom, featuring a 35-foot high conical ceiling.

The Revolving Tiny Home — $86 per night
best tiny houses you can rent rotatingtinyhome

This may seem like your run-of-the-mill tiny home in the heart of Portland, Oregon, but what lies beneath — literally — is a mechanism that rotates the house 359 degrees. The facade features two large windows that can be pointed in any direction. The inside is a simple two-story home, with a kitchen on the bottom floor and bedroom on the top. Situated in a lush backyard, this tiny home offers beautiful views all around.

The Budget Friendly Tiny Home — $28 per night
best tiny houses you can rent tinyhomebrazil

Pack light and save money in this charming home located in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Just a 15-minute walk to Joaquina Beach, the one bedroom, one bathroom bungalow is fully surrounded by nature. You will feel like you are living in a treehouse with an amazing view to match.

The Showstopper — $242 per night
best tiny houses you can rent tinymirrorhouse

Guests will immediately understand why this tiny home is coined the “Mirror House.” The 484-square-foot home in South Tyrol, Italy, is surrounded by mirrored glass that reflects a beautiful scenery of apple trees. The contemporary architecture will take your breath away, if the mesmerizing landscape doesn’t do it first. The one bedroom and one bathroom home also includes a large terrace, private garden, and swimming pool.

The Eco-Friendly — $103 per night
best tiny houses you can rent ecotinyhouse

This pint-sized home in Tegernsee, Germany, is perfect for two. The completely self-sufficient house has a bio toilet, PV island system, green wastewater treatment plant, and above everything else, a manual espresso machine. This eco-conscious alpine car is a quaint getaway. Enveloped by beautiful mountains, your mini vacation may have to be extended indefinitely.

The Tiny Hotel — $129 per night
best tiny houses you can rent austintinyhome

Not everything is bigger in Texas; take Austin’s tiny home hotel, which offers six different places, all under 300-square-feet. Each home is unique in character, but all feature a modern floor plan. This tiny house community shows you just how livable it is to stay small.

The Very Tiny — $107 per night
best tiny houses you can rent scotlandtinyhome

Made from locally-sourced, sustainable larch, the “Rambleshack” is the tiniest of homes located in Coldingham, Scotland. This small pod has two-fold out beds, a shower/toilet, and a little bit of counter space. Situated in a backyard garden, this tiny home features an outdoor deck and a seating area, and is located just one mile from the ocean.

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