An entrepreneur’s guide to Mexico City’s tech scene

An entrepreneur’s guide to Mexico City’s tech scene

In March of this year, Mexico was lauded by tech experts for becoming the first country in Latin America to pass a law regulating fintech, thus unlocking the potential of blockchain technologies to solve entrenched problems relating to political transparency and financial inclusion.

For Mexico and its capital city of approximately 9 million, positive publicity can still feel like a novelty. But, in fact, the praiseworthy, forward-thinking commitment to innovation demonstrated by the bill is nothing new.

While still struggling to shed an uglier reputation, Mexico City in particular has spent the last half-decade earning new fame as an emerging entrepreneurial-minded tech hub.

In part catalyzed by ambitious government initiatives, a nascent tech ecosystem has grown up fast, feeding off an abundance of homegrown talent, multiplying funding opportunities, and a location whose advantages can’t easily be overstated.

Not far from tech hubs like Austin and Los Angeles, Mexico City allows entrepreneurs to maintain close business ties with the States, and to enjoy access to the growing US Latino market. Moreover, it provides an ideal testing ground and entry point to the emerging economies of Latin America.   

After some time away, I recently traveled back to Mexico City to explore its growing tech scene. Traffic is of course still bad, and the pollution isn’t great. But look past the city’s oft-mentioned ills and you’ll find a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem that can count a myriad of advantages. Here’s a guide my colleague Peter Andringa and I put together for entrepreneurs interested in taking a closer look at the tech scene of Mexico City.