A ‘Black Panther’ moment | TechCrunch

This week we’re bringing you a special edition of CTRL+T, the podcast that examines TechCrunch stories through a cultural lens.

You might have heard that Marvel released a film called Black Panther last week and it saw near-record crowds descend on theaters all over the world. The CTRL+T podcast team was among them.

We headed to Oakland on an unseasonably cold-for-California evening and waited in line at the Grand Lake Theater for about 90 minutes. While in that line, we talked to a few people to see how they felt about this Black Panther moment in time — with the dulcet tones of a corner trumpeter playing in the background.

We chat about the film, what it means and its impact on comic book audiences — an interesting conversation given the fact that my co-host, Megan Rose Dickey, and I don’t read comic books on the regular (or at all, really). Also caught on tape was a little run-in we had with a sign. It wasn’t me.

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