Monday , December 17 2018
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TNW’s Big Spam: Are you as dumb as your apps?

Almost there… Top trending tech news: 😮 FB confirmed it spies on our Messenger conversations (TNW)😬 … and confessed the Cambridge Analytica breach could have affected 87 million users (TNW) ☠ Russia says ‘nyet’ to free exchange of cryptocurrencies (Hard Fork) What we’re talking about: Someone raised over $100k to make a wooden egg on Kickstarter. What a time to be alive. Apple is working on a way to let us use our iPhones without actually touching them. Zuckerberg revealed yesterday that every single Facebook user should assume their data was compromised by third-party scrapers. The true victim of Cambridge Analytica? Tinder. “Buy the Dip” is the cryptocurrency comedy sketch we didn’t…

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