Monday , December 11 2017

How to set up multiple monitors for PC gaming

Find out how to set up multiple monitors for your gaming center! Today’s GPUs support multi-screen gaming if you have the right models: We’ll show you everything you need to know. The post How to set up multiple monitors for PC gaming appeared first on Digital Trends. Source link

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The Flying Eye and you and I

It’s refreshing, in this difficult time, when technology and the tech industry seem trapped in a quicksand of endless ethical compromises and disconcerting emergent properties, to come across something tech-related of which one can say, awed, without complications or caveats: holy shit this is amazing. Which happened to me today! …

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FCC to stymie program providing broadband subsidies to low income households

Lost amid the furor over the Federal Communications Commission’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decision to reverse net neutrality requirements is another, equally awful decision that has slipped through the cracks. In mid-November, the Commission decided to “re-think” it’s Lifeline program, which provides subsidies for broadband internet subscriptions to low-income …

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