Tuesday , January 22 2019
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Geelong, the restart capital of Australia

When I was last living in Melbourne, the startup scene was still in its nascent stages. It had a handful of local success stories, a burgeoning community, and a lot of interest. Three years later, the startup scene in Australia has grown exponentially, especially in the larger cities, but Australia is full of smaller country towns economically crippled by the closing of primary industries. One example is Geelong. Nestled on the periphery of Melbourne, it used to be home to a large Ford and Shell facilities, whose closing hit the town hard. On my recent trip back to Melbourne I was invited on a day’s excursion and I was interested in what I would find.

Our first stop was to StartupCloud, a small coworking space above retail outlets in Geelong’s shopping area. One of the founders of the space, Todd Hubers introduced us to the space, which has been in the area since 2012, a pioneer for Geelong, but also early for Australia generally, where most coworking spaces began opening around 2008/9.

Credit: Chris Ward