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eBay is having a pretty bad day

eBay is not having a great afternoon after posting a pretty ho-hum third quarter that fit roughly in line with analyst estimates, but perhaps not seeing the kinds of leaps that Wall Street is looking for heading into the fourth quarter.

There was some growth across the board — each unit grew less than 10% year-over-year — but it’s seemingly left eBay as a kind of minor growth property as it gets compared Amazon. But going forward, it looks like the company’s expectations for the fourth quarter came in lower than what Wall Street hoped. Looking for some kind of comparable to Amazon in a brand that was a powerhouse in the early era of the consumer web, investors apparently are still looking for more from the company.

The company still says it has hundreds of millions of active buyers, and also said it added another 2 million to its now 168 million global active buyers. Here’s a quick rundown of the stats on the company for the past several quarters:

We’ll get to the specific financial numbers later, but clearly, eBay is not getting the kind of friendly treatment that Amazon gets. While the company seems to be trying to diversify beyond just its marketplace — and it turns out that StubHub is a pretty significant business with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue — it doesn’t get the same kind of leeway to pull out a checkbook and buy a grocery chain for $13.7 billion.

While growth on the financial front is pretty tepid, eBay’s stock has still been on a run in the past year. The stock is up around 20%, despite facing constant pressure from Amazon as it grows into a larger and larger behemoth. The past few months have been a bit shakier, and clearly, today didn’t help. Here’s the stock chart from the last year (including this afternoon’s drop shortly after the report):

Here’s the final slash line for the company:

  • Revenue: $2.4 billion, versus Wall Street estimates of $2.37B
  • Earnings: 48 cents per share (adjusted), versus Wall Street estimates of 48 cents per share.
  • Q4 revenue forecast: $2.58 billion and $2.62 billion
  • Q4 earnings forecast: $0.57 to $0.59 (adjusted)
  • GMV: $21.7 billion
  • StubHub revenue: $275 million
  • Marketplace platforms revenue: $1.9 billion

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