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CES 2018 Day Three Wrap-up: A Few of Our Favorite Things

All good things must come to an end, and so Digital Trends bids adieu to CES — for another year at least. CES 2018 was a showcase for some truly incredible new technologies and concepts, some of which could change the way we live forever.

Every year, Digital Trends, after careful deliberation, awards the most impressive products at CES with the Top Tech of CES Awards. This year’s best in show tech was Nvidia’s Xavier processor, a chip designed to power the autonomous vehicles of the future. While car companies have talked a big game about bringing self-driving cars to consumers (a promise that always seems a year away from being fulfilled), Nvidia threw its cards on the table with an astounding processor that could enable fully autonomous driving.

While smart cars stole the show, smart homes continue to look more feasible, thanks to a new crop of smart devices and digital assistants to manage them. From smart mirrors, to self-tinting windows, to Google’s refined assistant, the day when people can live fully within the “Internet of Things” is rapidly approaching.

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