Wednesday , November 21 2018
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MIT aims to spark innovation in Southeast Asia with its Global Startup Workshop

MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the world’s most hallowed educational institutions is turning its attention to Southeast Asia where it hopes to plant the seed of innovation among a new generation of potential entrepreneurs. That’s through MIT’s Global Startup Workshop (GSW), a 20-year-old conference on innovation and technology, which …

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Astranis emerges from stealth with a new satellite technology for connecting the world

There’s a new entrant in the race to provide internet connectivity to the roughly four billion humans on the wrong side of the world’s digital divide. Launching from stealth today with a new investment from Andreessen Horowitz is Astranis — the developer of a new satellite technology that aims to …

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Proven wants to sell AI distilled custom skincare

YC-backed startup Proven wants to make it suck less for women to find skincare that works for them. The co-founders are taking what they describe as a “rational, logic-based” approach to figuring out which ingredients might be most appropriate for each individual. As a TC Disrupt battlefield founder once memorably put …

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Stressing aptitude over achievement, Strive Talent pitches a new way to hire

While unemployment in the U.S. hit a 17 year low and the stock market keeps humming along, there’s a lingering sense that all is still not well in U.S. labor markets. Most jobs require a college degree these days, a proposition that’s becoming increasingly unaffordable even if it is attainable. …

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Join the TechCrunch Meetup at the World Economic Forum #TCDavos

TechCrunch is holding an informal meetup during the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Grab a free ticket here. The event precedes our TechCrunch Meetup the week after in Zug, Switzerland, the so-called Crypto Valley. You can grab a ticket here. The Davos meetup will be co-hosted by …

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IBM is using the blockchain to speed up and simplify cross-border payments

The blockchain has long been seen as a method to quicken (and cheapen) cross-borders payments, and now that movement — which includes a number of startups making moves privately — just got its highest profile advocate after IBM announced its own solution focus on banks. The computing giant has teamed …

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