Saturday , February 24 2018
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Apple’s new HomePod is here…and we wanna give you one — FREE!

Apple thoroughly enjoys changing the game. Whether it’s the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad or the brand new HomePod, Apple’s first smart speaker, acolytes are always a-buzz about Cupertino’s new tech…and the HomePod is definitely carrying on Apple’s tradition of product rollouts accompanied with gobs of water-cooler discussion. Of course, …

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Get trained to be your company’s Cisco guy

It stands to reason that one day in the not-too-distant future, everyone in the world will be connected through one giant communications network. And it’s entirely possible that when that day comes, it’ll be Cisco Systems hardware and technology fueling that network. Cisco remains the dominant force in networking solutions …

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Learn how the best coders do DevOps today — for less than $20

DevOps is the process of streamlining web development projects. Through organization and automation, teams can create apps that work more efficiently and run more smoothly while requiring less time and effort to get it right. Meanwhile, cloud computing has become a vital partner in the process, offering a decentralized environment …

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This $29 JavaScript eBook helps you learn with ease

Learning how to code usually starts with a lot of questions…such as, where do I begin? You can field a host of different answers to that question, but if you aggregate the responses of programming pros, studying the ways of JavaScript is going to end up near the top of …

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