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Mobile World Congress 2018

Citi wants fintech startups to disrupt institutional banking

Financial services giant Citi reckons fintech startups are missing out on a major opportunity to disrupt institutional banking. Indeed, it’s inviting entrepreneurs to do so. “Opportunity is enormous,” said Naveed Sultan, global head of treasury and trade solutions for Citi, speaking during a fireside chat at the Mobile World Congress …

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IBM Watson CTO Rob High on bias and other challenges in machine learning

For IBM Watson CTO Rob High, the biggest technological challenge in machine learning right now is figuring out how to train models with less data. “It’s a challenge, it’s a goal and there’s certainly reason to believe that it’s possible,” High told me during an interview at the annual Mobile …

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BMW says in-car digital assistants have to go beyond being ‘Echo Dots in a cup holder’

BMW wants to bring personal assistants to the car, but it doesn’t want to build its own. Instead, it wants to work with Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others to bring the best features of their platforms to its cars. “We don’t want Alexa to drive our car. That’s not a …

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