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General Data Protection Regulation

German court finds fault with Facebook’s default privacy settings

A court in Germany has ruled that Facebook’s default privacy settings and some of its terms and conditions breached local laws. The court passed judgement late last month but the verdict was only made public this week. The legal challenge, which dates back to 2015, was filed by a local …

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Unacast bags $17.5M to do more with location data

Location tracking can seem pretty creepy if you’re the consumer being watched. But there’s big and growing business in tracking human movement and behavior, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones. To wit: Unacast, a location data startup from Norway, has today announced a $17.5 million Series B round — to …

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Facebook starts polishing its privacy messaging ahead of GDPR

As the May 25 deadline for compliance with the EU’s updated privacy framework fast approaches Facebook is continuing to PR the changes it’s making to try to meet the new data protection standard — and steer away from the specter of fines that can scale as high as 4% of a …

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Facebook to roll out global privacy settings hub — thanks to GDPR

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has said major privacy changes are coming to the platform later this year, as it prepares to comply with the European Union’s incoming data protection regulation. Speaking at a Facebook event in Brussels yesterday, she said the company will be “rolling out a new privacy center …

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WTF is GDPR? | TechCrunch

European Union lawmakers proposed a comprehensive update to the bloc’s data protection and privacy rules in 2012. Their aim: To take account of seismic shifts in the handling of information wrought by the rise of the digital economy in the years since the prior regime was penned — all the way back …

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Concerns raised over new ethics regime for UK public sector data processing

Concerns have been raised about a set of late stage government amendments inserted into the UK’s draft data protection bill. The clauses deal with the processing of public sector data. Health data privacy advocacy group MedConfidential believes ministers are trying to sneak in a data protection law carveout, in order …

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