Friday , July 20 2018
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Microsoft and Signal team up to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype

Using Open Whisper System’s Signal Protocol, Skype has released a preview of end-to-end encrypted “Private Conversations” to select users, providing an extra layer of security for Skype content. The post Microsoft and Signal team up to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype appeared first on Digital Trends. Source link

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Skype adds e2e encrypted ‘private chats’ powered by Signal Protocol

Microsoft-owned VoIP and messaging platform Skype has long been criticized for lacking end-to-end encryption. Which means Skype communications are not protected by a zero access architecture — and the company could be leaned on to provide authorities with your decrypted content data, for example. It’s also previously been shown accessing …

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ProtonMail encrypted mail service adds support for Apple Mail, Outlook and Thunderbird

Mr. Robot’s email service of choice just expanded its support for a handful of popular email clients. ProtonMail just introduced a new tool, called ProtonMail Bridge, that could expand its relatively niche appeal to more mainstream users who aren’t yet comfortable with giving up their email client habits. ProtonMail, built …

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ProtonMail bolts on an encrypted contacts manager and digital signing for contacts

Another neat addition to end-to-end encrypted email client ProtonMail: It’s added a zero-access encrypted contacts manager that also digitally signs the contact info you store in it. The new features have been added to v3.12 of ProtonMail’s web client, with the Swiss-based startup saying it’s working on also bringing the …

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Everyone bored to death by DoJ’s latest call for crypto backdoors

The U.S. Department of Justice’s deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, gave a speech on encryption yesterday and boy was it a snoozer. It’s almost as if all those decades of crypto wars never happened. How many data breaches and ransomware attacks will it take before we don’t have to hear …

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UK gives WhatsApp another spanking over e2e crypto

The UK government has once again bared its anti-technology teeth in public, leaning especially heavily on messaging platform WhatsApp for its use of end-to-end encryption security tech, and calling it out for enabling criminals to communicate in secret. Reuters reported yesterday that UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd had called out …

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