Monday , June 25 2018
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The race to build autonomous delivery robots rolls on – TechCrunch

The race to build autonomous delivery robots rolls on – TechCrunch It’s been a busy year in delivery robot land. Starship Technologies sounded the starting gun to bring autonomous delivery vehicles to market with a $17.2 million round led by Daimler back in January 2017. Then in January this year …

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang clarifies Uber is not using its Drive platform – TechCrunch

While Uber makes use of Nvidia hardware in its own self-driving automotive technology, it does not employ Nvidia’s Drive autonomous computing platform, which includes the GPU-makers own real-time sensor fusion, HD mapping and path planning. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang shared this information today during a Q&A session attended by reporters …

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Nvidia’s Jensen Huang cautions patience in judging Uber AV engineers – TechCrunch

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang faced a number of questions regarding Uber’s recent self-driving test vehicle accident, in which an SUV equipped with Uber’s autonomous technology struck and killed 49-year old Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona. Earlier on Tuesday, Reuters broke the news that Nvidia was suspending its own autonomous testing …

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Uber blocked from testing self-driving cars on Arizona roads – TechCrunch

Uber has been barred from testing its self-driving cars on public roads in Arizona following the accident last week involving one of its testing vehicles that killed a pedestrian crossing the street in its path. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey released a letter sent to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi in which …

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The driver of the autonomous Uber was distracted before fatal crash – TechCrunch

The Tempe, Arizona police department have released a video showing the moments before the fatal crash that involved Uber’s self-driving car. The video includes the view of the street from the Uber and a view of minder behind the wheel of the autonomous Uber. Warning: This video is disturbing. Tempe …

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