Saturday , October 21 2017
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What washing dishes, driving a truck and working in a cemetery taught me about the power of ‘blue-collar’ software

Sanjiv Kalevar Contributor Sanjiv Kalevar is a vice president at Battery Ventures in Boston. I work as a venture capitalist in a glass-walled office and wear dress shirts to work. But it wasn’t so long ago that I wore an orange neon vest instead. That was when I stocked shelves …

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Safaricom launches innovation center to move beyond M-Pesa

Safaricom, Kenya’s largest telecom company and provider of the nation’s mobile money service, M-Pesa, has launched a new innovation center in Nairobi. Named Safaricom Alpha, a priority of the incubator is to identify spending patterns on mPesa and turn those insights into additional Safaricom products — according to Chief Innovation …

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The Trump team has failed to address the nation’s mounting cybersecurity threats

Bob Ackerman Jr. Contributor Robert Ackerman Jr. is the founder and a managing director of Allegis Capital, an early-stage cybersecurity venture firm, and a founder of DataTribe, a startup “studio” for fledgling cyber startups staffed by former government technology innovators and cybersecurity professionals. More posts by this contributor: The Trump …

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Are employers the latest financial services disruptors?

Schwark Satyavolu Contributor Schwark Satyavolu is a general partner at Trinity Ventures. He previously co-founded Yodlee and Truaxis. Deeply personal and often deeply fraught, financial decisions reflect our values, hopes, dreams and fears. Money is a leading cause of stress amongAmericans and our relationships. The stress can greatly impact personal …

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Four behavioral economics strategies for improving consumer financial health

Kristen Berman Contributor Kristen Berman is a co-founder of Duke’s Common Cents Lab with Professor Dan Ariely. Common Cents is generously supported by MetLife Foundation. Kristen was on the founding team of Google’s behavioral economics team, and was previously the founder of Irrational Labs, a behavioral economics nonprofit focused on …

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