Wednesday , February 21 2018
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Apple’s augmented reality tool kit can now detect walls and 2D images in beta

Apple is rolling out an upgrade to its augmented reality toolbox, ARKit, to developers in a beta version today. ARKit 1.5 adds a few marquee features including one big one: wall detection. Up until this point, ARKit has been focused on offering horizontal plane detection, allowing developers to know where …

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‘Pokémon Go’ levels up its augmented reality abilities with Apple’s ARKit

‘Pokémon Go’ will soon be getting an upgrade on all iOS 11 devices capable of supporting the new ARKit augmented reality features. The game’s core AR will be improved, with some new gameplay mechanics that take advantage of it. The post ‘Pokémon Go’ levels up its augmented reality abilities with …

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Lego AR-Studio blends the virtual and the physical for more block-building fun

Every new platform needs some big-name content to gain momentum in the market, whether it’s an operating system needing important apps or a gaming platform needing popular titles. Apple has that content in spades when it comes to iOS, but its augmented reality (AR) platform, ARKit, still needs to pick up …

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Carpenters, plumbers, and other pros can ‘beam’ into your home with Streem

Streem uses augmented reality to “beam” a home professional to your house via an app. The professional can then take measurements, identify appliances, and give you estimates on how much a job will cost. The post Carpenters, plumbers, and other pros can ‘beam’ into your home with Streem appeared first …

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Apple AR glasses | News, Specs, Rumors, and More

Apple talked about ARKit, a new augmented reality platform, at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this year, but the iPhone maker might have far more interesting tech plans up its sleeves. According to three alleged Foxconn employees who published details about upcoming Apple products recently, the Cupertino company’s skunkworks has been …

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Google taking ARCore to next level with AR Stickers, more on Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL

Why it matters to you Google’s ARCore platform needs nothing more than a few sensors and a single camera. Google launched ARCore, an augmented reality development platform for Android, in August. It’s available in preview on the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, and Samsung Galaxy S8 ahead of a launch on …

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