Thursday , February 22 2018
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New credit card skimmer worked in plain sight at Aldi stores

Police in Lower Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania have spotted a group of thieves who are placing completely camouflaged skimmers on top of credit card terminals in Aldi stores. The skimmers, which the gang placed in plain sight of surveillance video cameras, look exactly like the original credit card terminals but would store …

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Chase will soon offer cash-back rewards for cardholders using mobile pay

Back in 2015, JPMorgan Chase offered the world its digital wallet, Chase Pay — allowing users to pay using their phone whether they’re shopping online, in stores, or dining at restaurants. On Friday, December 15, Chase Freedom announced it will offer contactless payment with quarterly cash back rewards for the …

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French peer-to-peer payment app Lydia adds Apple Pay support

A peer-to-peer payment app that works similar to Venmo from startup Lydia in France now works with Apple Pay (a feature originally announced in July), making it possible to spend your balance from the app wherever MasterCard and Apple Pay are accepted. It’s a neat use of Apple Pay to …

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At last, New York City subway to ditch MetroCard in favor of tap-to-pay

New York City is close to ditching the subway’s MetroCard for a more efficient tap-to-pay system that’ll let riders use Apple Pay, Android Pay, and others when they enter the network. The post At last, New York City subway to ditch MetroCard in favor of tap-to-pay appeared first on Digital …

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