Tuesday , June 19 2018
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Airbus’s odd-looking BelugaXL aircraft is one step closer to its maiden flight

Airbus’s huge BelugaXL aircraft will be able to carry large airplane parts from suppliers across Europe to assembly plants in France and Germany, and it’s almost ready for its first test flight. The post Airbus’s odd-looking BelugaXL aircraft is one step closer to its maiden flight appeared first on Digital …

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AeroMobil’s new electric flying car concept is a sporty 4-seater – TechCrunch

Flying cars are more down to earth than ever – at least, in that their physical design is moving closer to something resembling a car. The AeroMobil 5th generation all-electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) concept is no exception, with styling that makes it look sort of like a near-future …

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Watch the Airbus Project Vahana prototype autonomous air taxi take flight

Airbus recently had the first ever successful flight of its Vahana autonomous air vehicle, and now it’s released video of that pivotal moment in the aircraft’s development. The flight took place at the end of January in Pendleton, Oregon, when the flying, passenger-capable drone took off and hovered off the …

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Intel’s drone lightshow now works indoors

Remember Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show with the drones that made the light show? A scaled-down version of that system now works indoors, Intel says, making it perfect for conferences, Vegas shows and bar mitzvahs. Intel isn’t saying what advancements were made to bring the drone show indoors. This …

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How Zunum Aero plans to transform commercial flight starting in 2022

Consumer pass genre flight could be the next industry that’s transformed by electric powertrains, and Seattle’s Zunum Aero wants to be at the forefront of that change. The Seattle-based company, which is backed by Boeing’s HorizonX fund and Jet Blue’s Technology Ventures, has a plan to change the fundamental economics …

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