Monday , January 21 2019
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3 ways to grow professionally outside of an MBA

Over the last four years I’ve had the chance to see our team quadruple in size. But despite new opportunities that have arisen, in turn I’ve had to deal with more challenging times, including when people leave. Seeing a valued team member head off into the sunset raises a lot of questions. Did we do the best job keeping them? Did they grow during their time here?

Recently, a talented team leader announced they were leaving the team. Their plan? To return to study a full-time MBA. While I always try to be as positive as possible about people’s next steps, this left me a bit stumped. While MBA programs were traditionally considered a requisite for management roles at leading companies, nowadays they are becoming less popular with both students and employers alike.

Employers are concentrating on securing talent with more technical and soft skills. And thanks to the prohibitively expensive MBA college fees, more and more people are choosing alternative paths to learn the leadership skills that make MBAs so valuable. Here are some of the alternative options I suggest to our team members:

Mixergy and distance learning courses

While many ambitious millennials might love to return to do another full-time degree, the prospect of effectively stepping off the career ladder for a couple of years to amass more debt is not as attractive. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in learning new skills.

The State of American Jobs by Pew Research Center highlights that in fact, 87 percent of American employees believe it’ll be essential for them to develop new job skills in order to keep up with changes in the workplace.

For entrepreneurs, one great place to start is Mixergy. The platform provides members a range of courses and interviews with mentors, which offers a look into their experiences in business. Mixergy advertises that it features more than 1000 mentors, including the founders of Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and Pixar.